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10 ways to boost your security when staying in a hotel

Arriving safely at your hotel after a long flight or journey is a huge relief for most travellers. Time to relax, see the sights and enjoy the holiday, right? Not yet. We know there are

NBN and your security alarm system – What you need to know

Do you use a security alarm system for your home or business? If ‘yes’, then you should check with your security provider that your system will continue to work when the National Broadband Network (NBN)

How the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the security industry

By Dario Rosella, NPS Electronics Manager Our team here at NPS often attends major industry conferences, not only is it a great way to network, but it helps us to keep up dated with what’s

Top 5 Tips — How to keep safe in crowded places

Springtime in Australia is a busy and popular season for major events and entertainment. What better way shrug-off winter than by going to a special event — be it getting dressed up for a day

Why the “little things” matter in security

They say that little things can make a big difference and that’s certainly the case in the security industry. Take the recent foiled terror plot to use a bomb or poisonous gasses to bring down

Safe executive travel starts with good planning

With a focus on time and money, most executive travel is limited to trips between the airport, hotel and businesses meetings. Yet even with this tight schedule, there’s still scope for the executives’ safety and

NPS re-signs with City of Port Phillip to help boost event security

The City of Port Phillip has enlisted National Protective Services (NPS) for another seven years as part of the council's plans to boost general and event security within the area, which holds some of Melbourne's most

Securing South Melbourne Market’s 150-year anniversary celebrations

National Protective Services (NPS) is proud to be partnering with South Melbourne Market for its 150-year anniversary celebrations this weekend, having provided security support to the market and local area for almost 30 years. Barry

Keeping F1 Grand Prix traffic moving for 21 years

National Protective Services (NPS) has notched-up 21 years of directing local traffic during the Melbourne Formula One Grand Prix, making sure that people living and working near the Albert Park Lake circuit can get to where

NPS embraces cloud technology to streamline security services

National Protective Services (NPS) has adopted new cloud-based technology to help it streamline its business management systems in the electronic division and maximise other security services. NPS has adopted new cloud-based technology to streamline its security