Arriving safely at your hotel after a long flight or journey is a huge relief for most travellers. Time to relax, see the sights and enjoy the holiday, right? Not yet.

We know there are precautions to take when exploring new places, but there are also things you can do to boost your security while staying in a hotel.

hotel security

It’s worth considering these tips to help make sure you get the right security from your hotel and the most out of your holiday.

  1. Stay with your luggage. Hotel lobbies are busy with people coming and going, and not everyone there will be a hotel guest. Tired travellers are easy targets. Keep your luggage in sight while checking in, and only give it to an official hotel employee once you have your room number.
  2. Avoid the ground floor. Ground floor rooms and apartments are easier for robbers to target. Some say that staying between third and sixth floor is safest because these levels are too high for robbers to access but still low enough for most fire engine ladders to reach in an emergency.
  3. Cover-up the peephole. Although you can’t see much from outside through a peephole, the slightest glimpse might be enough to show someone what they need to know.
  4. Check all rooms and cupboards. Try to have a hotel employee see you to your room. Ask them to wait with you while you check that all rooms and cupboards are clear.
  5. Test your room phone works. You might need it in an emergency. Using hotels that have 24-hour reception is also preferable if something goes wrong.
  6. Test what personal details reception gives out. Use your mobile to call the hotel and pretend to be someone checking to see if you’ve arrived. Ask for your room number and a contact number. This will give you a chance to check what information that the hotel gives out about guests.
  7. Choose hotels that restrict guests’ access to one floor. This is preferable because it means that only the guests who are staying on particular floor can access that floor. This means less people roaming or looking for opportunities on your floor.
  8. Use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign when out. This helps gives the impression that someone is still inside. You could also keep the TV and a light on.
  9. Know your hotel details. Grab an extra hotel business card to keep on you so you have its name and address handy in case of an emergency, or if you get lost while exploring.
  10. Check the room safe. If you need a safe, check that the one in your room works. If not, ask the reception to use the hotel safe. Make a list of what you put in and get reception or the manager to sign it.