Uncommonly known as the “closed-circuit television camera”, CCTV cameras allow you to keep an untiring eye on places and things that are valuable to you. CCTV cameras are used by various commercial establishments and organizations to monitor their work areas, banks, malls and such, and are becoming equally popular in residential premises, especially with body corporates.

As Australia’s premier security solutions provider, we would like to share certain protocols to keep in mind during a security camera installation for your Melbourne premises:

Choosing the right camera

It is not just enough to have CCTV cameras around your premises, but it is important to choose the right one. Given that Melbourne has unusual and unpredictable weather conditions, these can have a great impact on the video and audio quality of CCTV cameras. Moreover, different models of CCTV cameras will have different capabilities, like being able to capture footage in low light, long distance capture, night vision and so on.

Depending on your requirements, you must install the right camera for you, while also making sure that the camera can withstand the changing weather conditions without compromising the quality of the video or the audio. Our experts are qualified to recommend and install the best security cameras for your residential areas, organizations and other establishments as per your requirements.

 Strategic Installation

At National Protective Services, we believe that a thorough inspection of your residential area, organization and such is important to decide the structural and strategic installation of security cameras in Melbourne. Since the city has unpredictable weather conditions, installing them at the right place is just as important as using top-quality cameras.

Indoor installations would also need inspection as the strategic placement of security cameras proves highly useful in general surveillance as well as during emergencies.

Regular Maintenance

Once the installation process is complete and the security camera has been in use for a while, maintenance of security cameras is a new task that you need to keep in mind. Monthly or weekly maintenance of security cameras is crucial to ensure the good video and audio quality.

Many organizations and establishments have lost useful evidence and information due to their inability to maintain their security cameras. It’s a vital post-installation factor that requires your complete attention every other month or week.

Having a contingency plan 

Our team of experts at National Protective Services believe that having a contingency plan for your security cameras is a smart thing to do. We have set contingency measures when we do the installation of CCTV cameras for all our clients. It’s the kind of backup plan that proves extremely helpful in emergencies and also in general.

 If you are looking for an installation of security cameras in Melbourne or any other city in Australia, get in touch with us here.