4 reasons why having CCTV Installations at your home is a good idea

When we think of CCTV cameras, the first image that likely comes to mind is some kind of an office or a corporate setup, which has a high footfall of people. You might also think of a government or administrative offices, which have CCTV installations to not only monitor those who come and go but also play a role in internal surveillance. We can all agree that CCTV cameras are meant to keep an eye to protect what is precious, but we often overlook that our most precious intangible asset is the safety of our family and loved ones at home, isn’t it? After all, even a home is susceptible to many risks, some of which can far outweigh the commonly known commercial risks. This is probably a realization that many share today, which is why domestic CCTV installations in Melbourne are rising by the month.

Having these tiny security cameras around your home can not only allow you to monitor what is happening in your home when you are away, but can also help protect your family and loved ones. Here are our 4 top reasons why you should get CCTV installations done at your residence:

1) The power to monitor your home from anywhere

Whether you want to monitor the perimeter of your home, or keep an eye on your kids or pets while you are away, getting CCTV installations done at strategic points in your Melbourne home can allow you to do that at will. You could always check the camera footage on your device whenever you wish to, in case you hear an unusual sound.

2) Discourage burglars and robbers

CCTV cameras can work as a strong deterrent for burglars and robbers, as they know that they will be captured on camera. This will make your home a lot less susceptible to break-ins, as compared with homes that do not have a CCTV system installed, and provide more security for your family and valuable assets. All that would be needed is to plan their installation strategically, covering all the main entry and exit points, as well as some lesser visible areas on your premises.

3) Records everything that happens in and around your home

In the event of an unfortunate event or a break-in in your house or around, the CCTV camera footage can provide precious footage to help understand what happened, and also identify criminals or trespassers onto the property. This footage can also serve as reliable evidence in a court of law, and can bring criminals to justice.

4) Long term safety investment

CCTV camera installations can be looked at as a one-time but long-term safety investment. They require very little maintenance, and only need the occasional wipe and clean. Once you install, you can rest assured about the long term safety monitoring of your home and family. An added advantage of having CCTV installations in Melbourne is the fact that it can help you lower your insurance premiums, as your home will be perceived as more secure.

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