It’s no surprise that theft and burglary have become a widespread concern in Australia over the past few years, making the need for security alarm systems more important than ever.

In fact, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 200,000 Australian households have experienced a home invasion so far during 2018-2019.

Security alarm systems do a lot more than just protect your space from invasions and break-ins and are a great asset to your home.

Here are a few reasons to demonstrate how valuable security alarm systems prove to be for your home:

Protects Prized Possessions and Valuables

We all know that heart-wrenching feeling we get when our most beloved prized possessions get stolen. What’s more, if the item is a valuable belonging to the family heirloom it gets worse.

In such cases, security alarm systems come in handy since they boast high-tech features that help ward off burglars. Where safety vaults do the job of protecting valuables, security alarm systems prevent a break-in from happening in the first place. These systems trigger an alarm before thieves gain access to your home and inform neighbours and local authorities, thus offering protection to your space.

Promotes a Safer Neighbourhood

Crime deterrence is another side benefit of installing a security alarm system. By installing one in your own property or by increasing home security systems in a particular area, you can drastically reduce residential theft or home break-ins.

Thus, by equipping a security alarm system you can dis-incentivize crime, make it safer for those who don’t yet own a security system, and contribute to a safer neighbourhood.

Allows Remote Monitoring Of Your Property

High-tech security alarm systems today offer remote monitoring capabilities, enabling you to check out what’s happening in your residential premises in real time during your absence. If you have a smart home setup you can automate your security alarm system with other smart devices like smart keyless door locks for better safety.

For a more integrated approach, you can even partner with a premier security solutions provider and get a custom plan designed to secure key areas of your property. You can then log in from time to time through your smartphone and keep an eye on every corner of your home at the click of a button.

Protects from Fires & Harmful Gases

Fire break-outs or release of harmful gases like carbon monoxide can potentially poison members within the house in case they come in contact. To prevent such scenarios from happening, security alarm systems come with gas detectors to notify of such an emergency.

If you already possess a standalone smoke detector, you can automate it with your security system and have it notify you while you’re not present in your home.

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