While looking for a commercial security alarm system it’s always better to assess the product for a number of important key features prior to purchase. Doing so can yield great benefits on your investment which will better serve you in the long run?

The features of security alarm systems depend on a range of factors like the size of your company, costs, and security risks you’re trying to mitigate. They can also depend on your premises’ physical setup and other business requirements.

With that said, here are some top features you must definitely look for.

Connectivity with Smart Devices

Today, there are plenty of advanced alarm systems that work with smart devices such as:

Heaters, air conditioners, office lighting, etc. This feature alerts you regarding different actions at your offices while also allowing you to control and monitor smart equipment with ease.

Such a handy feature can be of great help at times. An example would be when you have costly devices at the office such as smart office lights or a coffee maker and when someone forgets to turn them off. The device monitoring feature in this case notifies you on your phone or smart device. You can then remotely turn off the devices while you’re away.

Access Control Integration

Access control plays a crucial role in deterring unauthorized or fraudulent access to key locations in your premises. Access control devices let you know all the access details regarding who has entry permissions to which room and where. However, they can sometimes be easily tampered with by intruders.

Security alarm systems can be paired with your access control devices to prevent this. A fraudulent access can trigger an alarm and notify you in real time, thanks to this clever integration feature.

Automated Video Capture

For keeping an eye on day-to-day happenings, video cameras coupled with alarm systems can either capture in a linear manner or when a certain criteria occurs. Automated video capture is that feature which lets you immediately record new footage based on a conditional sequence. This can be at the detection of motion such as at the interval of a door opening. Or, it can be at a particular time during daytime or night.

While continual recording requires more storage, it may be necessary, especially if you have high-risk areas where security is paramount.

Harmful Gases or Crisis Detection

Harmful gases such as carbon monoxide can cause carbon monoxide poisoning and so detection is essential to prevent any fatalities from occurring. In the case of a crisis such as a fire breakout, flooding, or any disaster, detection of the presence of harmful gases is crucial.

Alarm systems, in conjunction with smoke, heat detectors, and fire safety devices can alert office staff or other authorized people such as security guards, to prevent any accidents.

24/7 Surveillance Services

Today, many security alarm systems give access to round the clock monitoring services. This incredibly useful feature lets you connect to a professional security monitoring company in case any intrusion or catastrophe occurs.

The personnel at the monitoring company first informs you as the first point of contact, verifies the incident and then organises a response by notifying the security, fire department or someone in-house to look into it. This procedure can vary in some ways depending on the contract you have with the company.

So while looking for a robust alarm system make sure you look for these top features ahead of your purchase. Picking the right features can help protect your people and property and give you the most from your alarm system for years to come.

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