5 Outstanding Reasons to Pick a Bullet Security Camera System

Hunting for the best all-in-one security camera system is by no means an easy feat.

While you may find several options with the right features, there’s only a few that come close to the versatility of Bullet Cameras. Named after their unique cylindrical design shaped akin to a bullet shell, these advanced surveillance cameras are the most popular ones around.

Unlike everyday security cameras, they come in a variety of features and pack in everything you’d ever need to strengthen your building or premise security.

Here’s why to pick them as your choice of security camera system.

Excellent Movability

The best thing about Bullet Cameras is their ability to maneuver in different directions. Some variants come with a robotic arm that, when placed on a wall or pole, allow you to take high-quality footage from various angles.

Aside from its flexible mobility, bullet cameras are also easily adjustable. In case of any miscalculation during installation, you can realign its pointing direction without having it removed, preventing any damage to your property’s structure.

Bigger Lenses

Bullet cameras are comparatively longer in size than their smaller counterparts, giving them enough room to house bigger lenses such as a telephoto with a longer zoom range.

Given the large lens size, Bullet Cameras capture fine details across long and short distances without losing focus. This makes bullet cameras ideal for areas like parking spaces, traffic intersections, and open public areas.

LPR Capabilities

License plate recognition or LPR is another feature that’s supported by Bullet Cameras. It lets you capture and store details of a car’s license plate through specialised software in real time.

The LPR capability is why Bullet Cameras are popularly used for traffic monitoring and across gated security entryways. They are also incredibly handy at keeping an eye on facilities like research institutions, military stations, or for tracking down stolen vehicles. If your requirements fall in a similar category then a Bullet Cameras can be your best bet.

Low Light Surveillance

Since most theft and vandalism takes place during the night, security cameras need to be able to capture clear footage in low light. Bullet Cameras have an in-built IR illuminator that lets them seamlessly pick up objects and movements with significant picture quality.

With night vision paired with long lenses, Bullet Cameras offer one of the best long-range low light surveillance for any premises.

Weather Resistance

The outer chassis of a Bullet Cameras is built using high-grade metallic components which offer water, dust, and temperature resistance.

Thanks to the excellent build quality, Bullet Cameras are able to operate in harsh weather conditions and yet offer excellent monitoring and tracking.

Given the robust design and remarkable features, there’s no doubt Bullet Cameras are one of the top picks for surveillance. Installing the right pair as your choice of security camera system fulfils a number of your surveillance needs, while their visibility can deter crime to a great extent.

If you need help with security, National Protective Services can always install a security camera system like the Bullet Camera on your premise, so you stay safe and protected. For a quick installation, please get in touch with us today.