Corporate and Government Investigations

National Protective Services offers a full suite of corporate investigation services. We provide practical solutions to employee theft and dishonesty, drug and substance abuse, sexual harassment, and a variety of other workplace and employee related issues. Our team of security consultants and experts has over 80 years of combined training and real world experience in this area.

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National Protective Services believes that properly executed surveillance should never violate an individual’s “reasonable expectation of privacy.” All of our surveillance operations are conducted through our Investigations Division. The division specialises in covert operations utilising tools such as video documentation of suspected incidents of criminal activity or unethical behavior in the work place. The Investigation Division recruits highly educated and skilled investigators who understand the complexities in uncovering factual circumstances surrounding sensitive investigations.

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Undercover Investigations

National Protective Services can coordinate a multitude of undercover investigations in both the public and private sectors. Following the investigation, which identifies problem areas, detailed reports are provided to assist customers in taking appropriate remedial action. Recommendations to prevent future incidents are also provided.

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Risk assessment and Vulnerability Surveys

Through our highly trained personnel, National Protective Services is able to perform complex security risk assessments of company buildings and grounds. National Protective Services provides assistance in identifying areas of vulnerability and makes recommendations for improvement compatible with the needs of the customer. A detailed written report, including images, is provided upon completion of each assignment.

National Protective Services is fully skilled and experienced in providing consulting, intelligence gathering, and operational support to organisations and individuals nationwide

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National Protective Services have a team of skilled security consultants that can provide risk assessment, security risk management and investigations.

We provide security consultants to corporate and government and have a range of linked services that we can also provide including audits, specific testing, and environment scanning.

We can work on a specific issue such as a theft investigation or a site risk assessment or we can become part of your security team.

Some organisations have us as part of their team to provide security risk management services or security risk assessment on an ongoing basis.  This allows us to have an indepth understanding of the organisation and for each new job that comes we are able to assign it to the same consultants.

For many of our clients we have provided security consultants over many years and when an issue arises they simply contract us for that issue. Some of our government clients this benefits them as our risk assessment can be tailored to their individual context and we understand the reporting formats that they prefer.

So whether a client want a security consultant for one job or longer we can provide that service.

Our investigations can provide all services including investigations, surveillance both electronic and physical, reporting, statement taking, preparing brief of evidence and Police Liaison.

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