What is a Dome Security Camera System & Which is Right for You?

When it comes to picking the right security camera system for your business, there are several cameras to choose from. From top-notch bullet security cameras to Network/IP CCTVs and C-Mount modules, it can get quite intimidating to make the choice.

However, of them all, dome security camera systems are considered ideal for meeting everyday security challenges. Their unique construction and features bring forward plenty of benefits for businesses irrespective of size and scale.

What is a Dome Security Camera?

As the name suggests, dome cameras are CCTV surveillance devices that are enclosed in a half-circular dome-shaped encasement to protect it and to discreetly monitor subjects. These cameras have a wide-angle lens and are placed deliberately on ceilings and around corners, both indoors and outdoors.

Dome security camera systems are intended to withstand tampering from intruders and also help deter them. The best thing about dome cameras is that they make it virtually impossible to see where the cameras are looking thanks to the dome structure.

With this in mind, there are plenty of dome cameras on the market. Choosing the one that best fits your requirements can make a great deal of difference to your security needs.

Which Dome Security Should You Choose?

• Outdoor Dome Security Camera

The main purpose of outdoor dome security cameras is to ward off intruders, prevent vandalism, and theft. They’re also equally important when it comes to capturing suspicious behaviours in a particular space outside the premises.

If your business requires outdoor security then having a dome security camera with infrared illumination is preferable. Infrared helps in capturing low-light footage so you can get crisp footage of the outdoors, even when your security personnel aren’t around. Some even have built-in weather sealing, something you should consider if your business operates in harsh environments.

• Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) Dome Camera

PTZ dome cameras are ideal for capturing spacious areas or premises with a larger capacity. Unlike dome cameras that are fixed, PTZ dome cameras have an adjustable zoom which can be navigated. If your security needs have a requirement for a camera system that is sturdy, but flexible and remotely controllable at the same time, then the PTZ dome camera is the way to go.

PTZ dome cameras are also recommended for spaces such as parking lots, outposts, or entryways where there is a requirement to adjust the camera on regular intervals.

• PoE IP Dome Camera

PoE IP dome cameras work over the internet through a plug-and-play system. These dome cameras are considered smart surveillance devices due to being accessible through an ethernet connection. This means, all you need to do is simply plug these in through an ethernet connection and you’re good to go.

The PoE IP dome camera is usually preferred if you require constant surveillance on the go or need a camera that’s simply easy to install and maintain. With little to no wiring and configuration efforts involved, these cameras work well with organisations or businesses with robust connectivity across buildings in an area.

• High-resolution Dome Camera

High-resolution dome cameras are mainly indoor surveillance dome cameras that sport a higher resolution sensor. Unlike any other dome cameras, these are able to capture footage with great detail up to the limits of 4K resolution.

High-resolution dome cameras also offer a higher megapixel count creating better image clarity. Hence they’re suitable for businesses that require capturing subjects with a high amount of detail, for instance the face of an individual or a potential burglar.

Places such as expensive jewelry stores or shopping malls are where high-resolution dome cameras come in real handy.

It goes without saying the versatility of dome security cameras is unmatched when it comes to meeting everyday security needs. With the right camera system installed and maintained, you can expect your premises to stay secure for years to come without any hassles.

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