What is cyber security and why is it important?

Cybersecurity is the defence against threats by unknown actors such as organised crime syndicates, state actors (countries) or individuals acting alone to disrupt one or more businesses or even an entire nation. These threats pose a real and growing threat to businesses of all sizes in Australia. Innovative business cyber defence systems work to reduce, or entirely negate the threats posed by cyber criminals such as reduced business capacity, threat of ransom (ransomware) and IP theft including compromised business secrets, documents, plans, blueprints and unique know-how.

Actions National Protective Services can take to defend your cyber security, include human security monitoring of your digital infrastructure as well as smart digital security monitoring which uses a system wide approach to analyse data and constantly assess digital risk to your organisation, automatically. This type of intelligent digital security system will trigger automatic actions to alert your team and ours, and minimise and negate threats to your digital assets and networks in real time.

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What are the benefits of cloud based security services?

Cloud based security monitoring and surveillance services allow for a streamlined approach to your security and the efficient management of the same by your security provider. Systems such as alarms, CCTV, access control products and other security monitoring devices can all be cloud based allowing you and your security company to access realtime data and information including exact location of guards and people across your business, from any smart device connected to the internet.

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How do you choose the right commercial security alarm system?

The answer to this question depends on your requirements. We suggest that you review your potential investment in a commercial security alarm system in terms that relate to your business goals and needs. What size business are you? What costs are you willing to put into security to protect your assets and people? What are the specific risks you are trying to mitigate? What is the physical set-up of the business? Do you have multi-building sites? Is your digital infrastructure secured? Many of our clients require initial assistance with these questions and take recommendations on the most appropriate commercial alarm system for their business, from us at National Protective Services, after our security assessment.

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You can find out more about choosing a commercial security alarm system here.

What are the main features to look for in a commercial security alarm system?

Not all commercial security alarm systems are the same. A company operating across several buildings in Melbourne will have different security needs to a company situated in a large factory in a business park in Western Sydney. The commercial security solution you might choose is dependent upon factors that relate to your particular business. However there are important things to look for that will assist all entities with their security needs.

They are:

  • Video capture with automated features such as motion detection recording
  • Harmful gas detection alerts
  • Ability to connect with smart and mobile devices
  • Integration of ‘Access Control” which shows who has access and where.
  • Integration of 24/7 human surveillance
  • 24/7 Surveillance Services

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You can find out more about choosing a commercial security alarm system here.

Why would my business require a commercial CCTV system?

It’s simply a matter of investment in risk mitigation. And contrary to popular belief, businesses of all sizes can afford smart, high quality CCTV systems to help address a range of risks. While the cost is lower than you might expect, the savings for you and your business can be huge. When you use a professional security company to install a commercial CCTV camera system, the benefit to your business is immediate and obvious.

CCTV systems are proven to reduce or entirely mitigate the risk of stock depletion and shrinkage through theft as well as reducing instances of criminal damage and break-ins. Aside from a physical guard, there is nothing better at reducing your losses and securing your property and assets than a strong visual deterrent in the form of a CCTV camera placed in a zone of your business that you wish to protect. What’s more, a custom approach can be taken where your security company may mix a number of CCTV models and types to develop an integrated security surveillance system that is perfectly tuned to the needs of your business.

At all times of the day or night, CCTV can become the most infallible witness in risk circumstances that can include fake liability claims, theft and criminal damage to your business and operations. Your instant ability to record  and gather evidence is a huge and winning advantage when proof is required to support your case. Clear audiovisual evidence at your fingertips is exactly what you want at times like these.

Talk to National Protective Services about the right commercial CCTV camera installation to suit your needs and location. The way we will approach CCTV camera installation in a Melbourne city office building will certainly differ to the way we might approach it in a regional area for a client selling industrial farming equipment. In each case, we will not only listen to your requirements, we’ll visit your premises and custom design the perfect CCTV security response for you.

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You can find out more about choosing a commercial CCTV camera system here.

Can CCTV surveillance systems be installed in remote locations?

Yes. Commercial grade CCTV security camera installation can be undertaken in all kinds of locations including remote areas. National Protective Services have purpose built solar powered trailers, that are fully alarmed, and monitored by our professionally trained security team in our control room. What’s more, we and our client can view the site live via the cameras from a computer or smart device.

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What is the best way to undertake a corporate investigation?

A corporate investigation is a systematic strategic review of your company or entity in relation to its security risks. Risks may include regulatory compliance (lack of), insider threats, cyber threats and opportunities and physical security loopholes. The investigation is designed to expose any vulnerabilities and and then offer a plan for addressing or removing those risks. The best way to undertake a corporate investigation is to hire a corporate security audit team such as our professionals at National Protective Services. In house investigations can be valuable but will always run the risk of failing to pick up insider threats. Best practice involves an independent audit by an unrelated, professional, independent entity such as our highly experienced team.

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You can find out more about corporate investigations here. 

Does my business require a security risk assessment?

Rather than waiting for a security breach to occur and having to recover, a risk assessment will help prevent such a breach and put you firmly on the front foot in terms of your corporate and building security. Business owners and managers will often intuitively feel their organisation requires a full security risk assessment, and it is often the case that they are right.

Each security risk assessment at National Protective Services follows our commercial risk assessment process where we will look at the following areas as well as other aspects of security particular to our client:

  • Security footage and equipment
  • Access to business areas by staff and suppliers
  • Physical security such as locks and safes
  • Business location and type
  • Floor-plans
  • Staff
  • Digital systems

If any of the above list makes you uncomfortable, you likely require a security risk assessment.

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You can find out more about security risk assessment here.

Do you offer temporary patrol services?

Yes. We offer full-time and temporary security patrol services in Melbourne, Sydney and other capitals around Australia. National Protective Services temporary patrol services (sometimes referred to as emergency security patrols) are brought in to assist our clients in a range of circumstances including after hours monitoring of building sites and construction works for a set period, event management, mitigating risks in industrial disputes, quick response to incidents eg. alarm responses, and more.

If your business has had an issue or suspect it might, then our security patrol services can be provided for a short period of time as needed.

Do you have a need for temporary security services or emergency security patrols in Melbourne or another Australian capital city?

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You can find out more about security patrol services here.

Do you supply security guards to patrol events?

Yes we do and we provide crowd controllers for small events where there might be one officer to larger events that may require a number of professional security teams.

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Please refer to this link for more information: Do you offer temporary patrol services?

Or you can head here to find out more about responsive professional security guards.

Is there a difference between security officers?

Like any employees of different companies in any sector or industry, the standard of training and professionalism of security staff can differ depending on where you go. In the security services sector, there are industry standards that must be mandatorily applied by all companies in order to operate. Some companies might choose to meet the ISO accreditation and others may choose to exceed it. Along with this, are other self imposed standards that might be employed in training and staff development. For example a security company in Melbourne might only hire security guards with prior experience and training and excellent people skills, whereas a security services business in Sydney might be looking for security guards with excellent managerial and decision making skills along with other common capabilities. When you are looking for the right security personnel for your business or organisation, these are some important things you may like to look at:

Ensure the security company has the appropriate professional training and licence to operate by asking for their licence number and accreditation in writing;

Assess the importance of people skills that the company promotes in its security guards, including clearly spoken and written communications skills;

Look for managerial competence in all security patrol staff, who often need to make fast decisions and file paperwork;

Assess for competence with new technology.

At National Protective Services we aim to develop the most professional security guards in the industry. Along with our focus on corporate risk mitigation and constant innovation in the technical side of security, our security patrol staff provide the perfect package for your business security needs.

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You can find out more about security officers here.

What are the benefits of professional security guards for my business?

Professional security guards can not only save your property and finances through their actions, they can also save you time, sleep and lots of headaches. Areas where security guards can really help your business include:

  • Preventing criminal activity such as theft or criminal damage
  • Responding immediately and fast to incidents
  • As ‘first point of contact’ customer facing guards
  • As security escorts or valets

Perhaps the best benefit of all is the way you will feel. Your professional security guards should really provide you with peace of mind and a literal sense of security.

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You can find out more about security guards in Melbourne and around Australia, here.

What type of security monitoring services do you provide to clients?

The definition of security monitoring is broad and can refer to guards physically placed at your premises who have a range of specific and general tasks to complete including:

  • bag checks
  • door and premises access monitoring, restricting and securing
  • reviewing daily security video
  • managing the open and close procedure at your business premises
  • checking alarms and more.

Alongside, physical security monitoring, the service of security alarm monitoring is activated when your alarm system is connected to a monitoring service that includes a dedicated team who are instructed to act according to instructions given by you. Cases when alarm monitoring is valuable to you include moments when you might require instant response including break-ins, hold-ups or damage to premises from smoke, fire, flood or storm.

Collectively these services are called building site security.

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You can also find out more about security monitoring here.

What is concierge security?

Concierge security is a term that relates to security officers with particular training that is designed to meet the individual needs of the client. National Protective Services concierge security can cover areas such as mail scanning, access control systems, customer service and secure valet services.

Ask us about how we might customise our security services to offer concierge security to your business or organisation.

You can also find out more about hiring a security guard here.

Can you install a commercial security alarm system on a multi building site?

Commercial security alarm systems can be installed on single buildings on a site or sites that include multiple buildings. An integrated approach to your security system across buildings will be achieved through hard wiring or wireless links made between buildings. The execution of the installation is dependent upon your own requirements and the particulars of the site itself.

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You can  find out more about ways commercial security systems benefit your business here.

Do you offer secured transport services?

Yes. Secured transport is a crucial link in the chain of commerce and business when valuable and important goods require movement from one point to another. National Protective Services secured transport allows for the safe passage of our clients’ assets and products including cash, gold, jewellery, documents and all other items of great value or expense that require transportation by professional, trained security guards, adequately insured to protect your goods in all circumstances.

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