Having a CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) camera is an undisputable part of security systems, be it at public places as well as commercial and residential premises. This is probably the reason why the numbers of inquiries for CCTV camera installations in Melbourne continue to rise, as both businesses and home owners look for ways to beef up their security and protect their premises, irrespective of their size or location.

A CCTV camera installation is no less than having a video sentinel on duty at all times. Not only do they allow you to keep an eye on what is happening on your premises while you are away, they have also been proven as very effective deterrents for those who enter with mala fide intentions like theft, vandalism or other crimes. But merely having a CCTV camera at the entrance is not sufficient to ensure safety. If you really want to ensure that nothing gets missed, then you need to have a network of CCTVs that are strategically planned as per the design of your Melbourne premises you are looking to protect.

With that, we bring you some tips you can use to ensure that you make the most out of the CCTV camera installation at your Melbourne premises.

How to plan for your CCTV camera installation

The first step, even before you actually decide on and purchase CCTVs for your Melbourne property, is to plan well and identify the security needs of your property. As basic as it might sound, you do not want to make the mistake of planning about the quantity of CCTV camera installations you need to have, after you purchase a lesser or larger number than what is required.

And this will entail 4 basic aspects:

  • Evaluate your existing security setup

This is crucial, as many businesses and home owners underestimate the risks that they could possibly fall prey to. It helps to assume that their premises might face some kind of a security threat, and make decisions with such foresight. This will help prevent avoidable lapses if and when there is a real threat.

  • Identify key access points and vulnerabilities

Map out all the access points to your property – this will include not only your key entry / exit points, but also areas like the elevators, garage or parking lot as well as areas or floors which have restricted access, especially for businesses. This will ensure that you can keep a watch on who tries to access these sections as well.

  • Determine the total number of CCTV camera installations you will need

This will be a combination of multiple factors – the vulnerable areas identified, the size of your property as well as your security budget. You want to make sure that you cover maximum ground which includes all your key access points. Our security consultants at National Protective Services are experienced in helping our clients with this.

  • Decide on the type of CCTV camerasyou need

You will also need to decide on the type of CCTV cameras you want for installation at your Melbourne premises. From indoor to outdoor cameras, wired and wire-free, you will need to decide on what is feasible from a technical standpoint as well. Depending on where they are installed, you might want to ensure that there is adequate lighting to capture footage. Inadequate and excessive lighting could both mar the quality of capture, and you might end up with footage that may not help.

At National Protective Services, we supply some of the most advanced CCTV cameras in Melbourne, and you can count on our team for CCTV camera installation anywhere in Melbourne.

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