National Protective Services (NPS) has helped secure a better future for three more orphaned children in China by funding surgery to repair the children’s cleft lips and palates.

Hank, Finlay and Zeke. Three of the children NPS has recently funded surgery for.
Hank, Finlay and Zeke with their carers and foster families. They are three of the children that NPS has recently funded surgery for.

The surgery is organised through the not-for-profit organisation Love Without Boundaries (LWB), which NPS has supported for almost 15 years. LWB is based in China and supports impoverished and orphaned children through medical care, foster care, education and nutrition.

NPS CEO Rachaell Saunders says that the charity’s commitment is in line with NPS’ core goal to provide protection, safety and security.

“Without this surgery these kids don’t always thrive as they should and there is very minimal chance that they will ever be adopted,” Ms Saunders says. “The surgery improves their quality of life and helps secure their future by giving them a better chance of being adopted by a family that can give them more opportunities.”

“These children start life fighting the odds because they are either orphaned or from extremely poor families,” Ms Saunders says. “And being born with this condition is just another aspect that can prevent them from them experiencing a better future.”

The three children that NPS has most recently funded surgery for are called Finley, Hank and Zeke. Each child is less than two years old. The surgery not only improves their facial disfigurement, but also helps the children to develop correct speech and to eat and drink more easily.

“What we admire about these little children is that they are so brave and show one of our core values — courage. Although the procedure can benefit them in the long term, surgery can be a painful and we are amazed at how they well they handle the recovery and how quickly they smile again.”

What Love Without Boundaries told us about Hank, Zeke and Finlay’s progress

Finley: Finley is now eating food and recovering well from his surgery. He was initially uncomfortable, but since then has returned to his normal active self. Finley loves exploring and walking around. He has visited every ward on the floor that he is on and loves to open every drawer and door to find out what’s in it!

Zeke: Zeke was uncomfortable straight after his surgery and a bit unsettled, but his wound is healing well and he is taking liquid food and drink. He is very attached to his foster sister and when our manager visited them, Zeke was sound asleep in her arms.

Hank Hank is a handsome little boy and initially his surgery had to be delayed for a couple of days because as he had a temperature. His surgery was a success and he returned to the ward after a couple of hours. He was quiet on his return but slept well.

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