GPRS monitoring offers a high-level and cost efficient method of security for your home and business alarm systems. It is easy to upgrade current electronic monitoring systems to include this added advantage by simply adding a high-speed data GPRS modem, or DTU unit.

Using wireless technology, GPRS monitoring is connected to an existing alarm panel or monitoring station, which then enables the system to send an alert without requiring a phone line. The main benefit of using GPRS Monitoring is that the system is not reliant on a standard phone line. Even in the case that the primary Internet connection is down, the system has the capability to detect the error and switch to a secondary GPRS connection.

For an alarm system to be effective the transmission of alarms must be monitored and the response time of alarms must occur within seconds. There are many instances where it is necessary to use GPRS monitoring to foolproof an intruder detection system, in particular from thieves, who commonly cut telephone lines before breaking in. This is when GPRS Monitoring comes into its own, allowing the alarm to be raised through the wireless device. In the event of GPRS failure, GPRS alarms can automatically be programmed to report the failure to the alarm monitoring control room.

To find out more about GPRS alarm system compatibility and GPRS Monitoring, speak with one of our sales representatives and give yourself a higher level of security.

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