Key Locations to Install a Home Security Camera System

There is no denying that installing a home security camera system is crucial. They offer 24×7 surveillance and a whole set of features to ward off burglars from your premises. But installing them just for the sake of it does not always ensure safety.

You also need to be strategic in positioning your cameras for maximum effectiveness. So, instead of getting a number of security cameras you should also consider the right locations to place them in and around your home. This will give you the best viewing coverage for some of the vulnerable break-in spots. Here are some ideal locations to install your home security cameras.

Front & Back Doors

Front and back doors form the preferred routes for burglars to break into a home and should be your first prime spot to install your security cameras.

For front doors, make sure the camera is placed on the upper right or left corners. They should be visible to visitors but at the same time should be placed high enough, at around nine feet. This will not only give a wider coverage but also prevent burglars from tampering the cameras in any way.

A similar placement can also be used for backdoors. Install your cameras in a way that allows maximum visibility, not just for the space near the door but also the surrounding area nearby it. Make sure you add a protective casing on your cameras to prevent damage.

Side Doors

The side door is another entry point for burglars since it is easy to get into. If your home has any side doors, place your cameras above them around the corner.


Burglars typically try to get in through the windows if they are not able to make it through the doors. Windows (especially the ones on the first floor or above the main doors) cause a number of break-ins. Windows close to the trees or that are located far off the streets are also prime targets.

When placing the cameras, try to install them above the window frame or along the sides facing downwards. You can also fix a camera indoors that directly faces your window. Placing the cameras near the windows can also give a good coverage of your yard, so choose the right angles to your advantage.

Garage or Near the Driveway

The garage is a lesser-known location many burglars take advantage of. Garage doors are extremely easier to break into which is why you should locate security cameras near them or around the driveway.

Setting up a security camera system around your garage and nearby areas will add another layer of security to your premises and help detect any unusual activity.

Living Room, Bedrooms & Stairs

Common areas such as living rooms and bedrooms are where burglars can search for valuables. So, make sure you secure such areas with your security camera system.

If your home has stairs that lead to the basement, installing the cameras alongside them is also a good idea since they can form a passage for burglars.

Now that you know the ideal key positions to install a home security camera system, make sure you choose the ideal one that offers top-class security features. In case of help, we can always give you a hand. We at National Protective Services offer high-tech residential security camera systems with custom installations for your premises. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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