Security is an uncompromisable factor when it comes to protecting your premises. And the best way to ensure top security is by hiring a professional security guard. Security guards do a lot more than just offer physical presence. They offer immense reliability and peace of mind assuring you someone is there to protect your belongings and people from harm.

While you can readily hire security guards, there are several considerations that go when choosing the perfect ones for your needs. Make sure you consider the following factors when doing the hiring:

Professional Training and Licence

Whether you are hiring a single person or team of security guards, getting highly-trained and licenced personnel is crucial. Having unprepared or inexperienced guards can make things difficult for everyday tasks or during emergency situations. In short, it can cost you immense loss in return.

So ensure the guards are properly trained, have a certificate in Security Operations, and possess a valid licence. Based on your requirements, you also have to check if they have qualifications to carry out specialised tasks.

Excellent People Skills

Excellent communication skills is what security guards need to have at all times. So make sure they have great interpersonal skills and can effectively deal with situations.

Security officers also need to stay ordered and professional at all times especially when dealing with customers and business staff, something you should also consider. Also, don’t forget to check how flexible they are working within a team.

Managerial Skills

There are plenty of managerial tasks involved in security jobs from keeping tabs on entries to filing paperwork and even writing reports. Thus, the security officer must also have the competency required for these tasks.

For starters, you can evaluate basic spelling and writing. Since security also deals with things like CCTV and surveillance systems, you’d also want to check if the person is comfortable using technology and has good computer skills.


You must look for a security guard in Melbourne that best fits your organisation.

For instance, government security guards are hired by high-level officials for specialised operations whereas in-house security guards are hired by businesses and banks.

Understanding different types of security officers and their responsibilities can help you make the pick.


Cost is another factor you should consider when hiring security guards. The cost can depend on several factors. In most cases, the fees will depend on their overall security level, skillset, and at what time they are needed.

The cost will also differ depending on whether the guard is armed or not. Such guards will also carry extra certifications and specialised expertise in operations which may add to the costs.

However, in all cases you shouldn’t cut corners since the core foundation of your security will lay on the guards you hire.

While the above considerations can make things easier, a quick and better solution is to team up a reliable and elite security company. This will reduce all hassles of choosing security guards.

Companies like NPS not only house fully-trained security guards but also offer high-tech monitoring systems, making up for a complete security package. With us you can rest assured that your organisation’s security will be in safe hands. To hire our security guards, get in touch today.

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