There is no question that the security industry plays a large role in crowd management at events, festivals and other occasions where people gather for entertainment with the intention of having a good time. Events where alcohol is likely to be served are usually armed with a horde of security guards in anticipation of the likelihood of an alcohol-fuelled incident at even the best-organised event. These days, individuals are even going so far as to hire the services of a crowd-control contractor to keep their personal parties under watch and ensure only invited guests attend. So we can ask the question what is the role of crowd control and how should crowd controllers manage incidents in a non-aggressive way, should they arise.

Crowd control is an area of the security industry that has grown at an immense pace and with little regulation. As a result, there has also been a rise in questionable operators and ill-trained guards working for companies who undercut in terms of wages paid to their staff, and the service provided. Crowd control by definition is the controlling of a crowd, to prevent the outbreak of disorder and prevention of possible riot. A crowd controller is another name for bouncer, and is recognized as an informal type of security guard whose job it is to maintain control at the venues and events at which they are employed.

We recommend you use a licensed crowd controller or bouncer. Ensure you employ personnel with up to date training, and know your responsibilities with reference to legislative requirements determined by State or Federal law in holding events.

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