Your business may not have experienced crime in the past. But this doesn’t mean it will never experience it in future!

The threat landscape in Australia is in constant flux, and criminals – particularly those who target Australian businesses – are becoming both smarter and bolder. Consequently, crimes like theft and vandalism currently cost businesses thousands – if not millions – of dollars. So if you are part of an Australian business, bear in mind that your assumption of safety is just an illusion – one that can cause a lot of harm to your premises and to the people that operate within them.

To help you meet your business security needs, National Protective Services offers world-class commercial CCTV cameras in Melbourne and many other parts of Australia. This highly-effective security tool plays the dual roles of crime deterrent and crime eye-witness. As the former, it can help you keep an eye on your site to deter wrong-doers and prevent them from committing crimes like vandalism, intrusion or theft. It will also protect you from fake liability claims. If a crime does occur, the system will record the event and provide documentary evidence to help law enforcement officials apprehend the criminals. In addition to helping you capture real-time footage and identify sources of criminal acts, our commercial CCTV cameras provide the intelligence your business needs to prevent future crimes and minimise financial damage to your business.

Easy to install, use and maintain, our commercial CCTV cameras are ideal for both day and night surveillance needs. These devices are designed as per world-class quality standards and are super affordable, making them ideal for businesses of all sizes and types – from stores, warehouses and hotels to banks, hospitals, educational institutes and even large corporates.

As part of a complete security system, the feeds from these commercial CCTV cameras can be viewed remotely at any time from a computer or mobile device. National Protective Services also offers a remote monitoring service, whereby we will monitor your security system from a Grade A control room and immediately notify you in the event of any intruders.

Depending on your monitoring needs, you can mix and match different types/models of our commercial CCTV cameras to create a custom surveillance system that offers comprehensive, 24/7 coverage. If you’re not sure which commercial CCTV camera to buy, our trained security advisors will listen to your requirements, visit your premises in person, and help you determine the best system for your needs. And once we install one of our high-grade commercial CCTV cameras at your premises, we will regularly monitor it for any faults or abnormalities, and provide an immediate fix to minimise business security downtime .

Protecting your business from intruders is vital to its success and longevity. National Protective Services is recognised all over Australia for providing high-quality commercial CCTV cameras in Melbourne and elsewhere at very competitive prices. To know more about our solutions and how we can help you get the best returns on your security investment, get in touch!

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