Company Chief Executive Officer, Rachaell Saunders, represented National Protective Services at The Hub Business Expo in February this year.

The Hub Business Expo provides information from across a wide variety of businesses to connect entrepreneurs and business owners with the resources they need to accelerate their success. Rachaell provided a perceptive presentation on risk management, and the impact risk can have on a business. She discussed tactics to build a strong and resilient business, provided a simple framework for risk management and gave a practical way for participants to implement these risk management strategies in their own business.

Rachaell was delighted when exhibition organiser, Julie Barker, approached her to be a keynote speaker at the event. “I am honoured to speak at this annual business exhibition. It is a fantastic initiative that aims to provide new entrepreneurs and those looking to set up a business with a forum whereby they can gain insight and inspiration; and connect with those who can offer advice and leadership along their path to business success”.

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