As one of Australia’s premier security services agency providing management, monitoring and reporting for both private and government clients, National Protective Services is committed to providing an exceptional client experience. One of the ways we do this is to empower our clients with all the information they need, along with our recommendations so that they can make an informed choice. We know that with so many variable options available when it comes to commercial security systems, it can get rather overwhelming to make a choice. We receive a lot of common questions regarding commercial security systems in Melbourne, and we have decided to dedicate this blog to answer some of the FAQs we have encountered.

What are the different components of a commercial security system?

The most effective commercial systems today are a combination of different connected components, such as:

–  Access control system
–  Video surveillance with integrated alarms
–  Fire Safety System
–  Intruder Alarms
–  Security Officers
–  24×7 monitoring systems

Depending on your requirement and budget, our security experts will recommend the best components for your business.

How can you select the best commercial alarm system?

The type of alarm system that you go with will depend on your line of business, as different types of businesses will have different requirements. Our team will do a thorough site security audit, and recommend a suitable alarm system. Alarm systems are most effective when they are connected with a CCTV and live monitoring systems, to take prompt action if and when the alarm is triggered. Apart from supply and installation of custom designed alarm systems, we also undertake maintenance and ongoing monitoring, making us a one point solutions provider for all your security alarm needs.

Will the security system work in the event of a power outage?

Yes, they will work. Our security systems are connected to a battery backup in case the regular power supply fails. So your security systems will continue to work even in the event of an outage, and will run for as long as the backup power is available.

Is it necessary to monitor the exterior surroundings of your commercial premises?

As part of our security setup, we always recommend that you monitor the areas in the immediate vicinity of your business location. These include the main entrances, parking lots, surrounding walls and more. We offer a choice of wireless outdoor security cameras to allow you to capture footage and monitor all that happens around your office, even when you are away.

How much do commercial security systems cost?

As you would now know, every business security system will be custom designed as per the requirements, and therefore the cost will vary according to the setup and components being used. The size of your premises, the cost of the security equipment installed and the live monitoring components are some of the factors that contribute to the cost of the equipment.

We believe this would have answered most of your most common questions, but if you have any unanswered questions, we will be happy to answer those as well. Business security systems should not only be looked at as a way to safeguard your physical assets and premises, but they are also essential to ensure the safety of your staff and that of others who visit your premises as well. National Protective Services offers end-to-end commercial security services, including security consulting.