Do you use a security alarm system for your home or business? If ‘yes’, then you should check with your security provider that your system will continue to work when the National Broadband Network (NBN) is installed in your area.

Home security alarm system keypad


“A lot alarm systems, particularly the older ones, connect and communicate via the phone line,” says Dario, Electronics Manager at National Protective Services (NPS).

“Anyone with these systems will need to switch over or upgrade to a wireless GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) unit to ensure their alarm continues to work when the landline is removed.”

NPS’ clients typically use Permaconn units, and clients with older versions of these units may want to upgrade to a wireless version, he says.

Permaconn alarm unit
A Permaconn alarm unit. Image source:

NPS also helped clients manage similar upgrades for clients when Telstra and Optus moved to the 3G network.

Dario says that anyone with an alarm unit and who is unsure if it will be impacted by the NBN should check with NPS or their security provider to ensure their alarm will continue to work.

“Get in touch with NPS. If you do need to make a change, it’s a straightforward process that we can help you with,” he says.

For more information, contact the NPS electronic security team by calling 1300 659 800 or emailing