We are into the thick of winter and the days are now shorter. Thieves like to operate under the cover of darkness because there is less chance of them being seen and identified. Here’s a couple of key ways you can help protect your business and your home when you are not there, as well as your personal possessions.

protection from thief


Light up your property
Good lighting, especially around entry and exit points to buildings or homes, will provide less cover – and less incentive – for thieves and other criminal activity.

If you are going to be away from your business or home, invest in a sensor light and automatic timers. It can be enough to put doubt in a thief’s mind whether or not someone might still be around.

At home, make sure your porch light works so you can clearly see who is at your door. Invest in a lockable screen door, so that if you open your front door to a stranger, you at least have the locked screen door between you and them.

Consider  CCTV and alarm systems
Sometimes just the sight of a working CCTV camera will deter thieves. In the case when it doesn’t, it can at least help the police find the culprit or identify any weak points in your security.

At NPS, we offer a range of CCTV options, including those that allow your to get real time footage from your cameras at your home or business from any of your devices.

Alarms systems can also be a really effective way to stop thieves in their tracks by drawing attention to what they are doing.

Put valuables out of sight
Thieves are often looking for a quick smash and grab. If they look through your windows and see an open box of jewellery, car keys or expensive technical devices that can be easily taken, your home is at risk. Put valuables away.

The same applies when in your car. Don’t leave valuables in your car while you head into the shops, even in day time. And when driving, put your handbag or wallet out of sight.

Get organised when out and about
If you are driving, make sure your car keys are easy to reach in a pocket or zipper of your bag to save you from fumbling around in front of your car in the dark.

If you carry cash, be prepared and get some out before you leave the house. However, if you do need to get cash while out, try and use an ATM inside a convenience store rather than using one in open view on the street.

Plan journeys in advance. Book taxis and get someone to wait with you and see you into the taxi. If you’re not familiar with an area, find out closest public transport link or parking options before you leave so you’re not wat

Unfortunately, there will always be criminals looking for an easy target to break into a building that isn’t secure, steal valuables from a home or grab some cash or a handbag from a person. A bit of planning ahead could help stop you, your home and your business being an easy target.