National Protective Services is pleased to provide alarm maintenance and response services to help protect Parks Victoria’s most beautiful and historic buildings.

We'll be providing alarm maintenance to buildings like the Cape Nelson Lighthouse
Cape Nelson Lighthouse – one of Parks Victoria’s historic buildings

“From Coolart Homestead on the shores of Western Port Bay to the Cape Nelson Lighthouse, we are thrilled to help protect Parks Victoria’s beautiful and historic buildings,” says National Protective Services CEO Rachaell Saunders.

As part of the agreement, National Protective Services will provide alarm maintenance and response services to help make sure these buildings remain safe and secure and can continue to be enjoyed by the public for years to come.

National Protective Services provides alarm maintenance and patrol response services to various clients. It’s fleet of patrol vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking so it can give clients detailed reports about patrols. We consistently monitor our response times and report back to clients to make sure they get the best service.

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