Any business, no matter how well thought through, has some vulnerable areas that can leave it open to a multitude of risks. Cyber security is garnering more importance of late, and while it deserves the attention it is getting, physical security should not be ignored. There are many aspects to physical security and these span everything from employee and worker safety to physical security of valuable business assets and sites.

So, how can you measure the state of your business security?

A professional security risk assessment is the best way to know where you stand, and is also the first step towards staying more secure on all fronts. When we talk about risks, it is important to understand that there will be known and unknown risks, and it is best to stay prepared for that, instead of waiting for a security breach. Security Risk Management is a continuous process where these potential security risks are identified, and plans are made to alleviate these risks so that your business always stays protected. It helps to outsource these requirements to a specialist security consulting, as you should never take a chance with safety.

National Protective Services is known for its comprehensive and thorough risk assessments. Here is a glimpse into the approach we follow:

  1. Risk Identification

This is the very first step, and if done well, it is like half the job done. Different localities and different businesses have different levels of risk, depending on factors like the neighbourhood crime rate, number of people who have access to your business / office site, number of entrances and exits, the monitoring systems in place and a few more variables.

  1. Site and facility review

This not only includes an assessment of the site, but also neighbouring areas and facilities. We take a close look at existing physical security systems and functional aspects of your site, as well as neighbouring vulnerabilities which can be exploited, which could pose a threat to the business.

After assessing the physical security situation, we also look at the existing procedures and practices, and evaluate them for risks. We have observed that many organizations adopt high security during working hours, but may be relatively relaxed after that. This creates unnecessary opportunities for criminals and outsiders to access the site.

  1. Risk & Threat Analysis

After all potential risks are identified, we analyse which are the ones that are more likely to occur as compared to the rest, and look at what we can do to address those risks. This can sometimes bring up high risks that currently get ignored, or are not being taken care of adequately, and help us design a customized security strategy.

At National Protective Services, we offer reliable risk assessment audits and security risk management services, apart from other services like investigations, surveillance, environment scanning, police liaison and specific testing. Our team of skilled and experienced security consultants is committed to alleviate all anxiety of planning, designing and implementing new security systems and protocols. This is the reason why we are the trusted security consultants to many government and leading corporate bodies across Australia.

Our wide range of exposure to different corporate and government organizations has made us adept with multiple reporting formats for risk assessment and security risk management services. We can partner some of our clients on an ongoing basis, or work with them as an independent security consultant. Either way, you will notice the difference in our professional, yet customized approach.

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