Providing professional security services to monitor and ensure the safety of our hospitals and healthcare institutions has been a priority service area for National Protective Services since we commenced operation almost 25 years ago. Hospital Security is an entitlement for patients of the hospital, medical staff and visitors.

National Protective Services highly trained officers are committed to ensuring personal safety around the clock because they understand the complex nature of a hospital environment. Using the latest technology in electrical security devices, CCTV monitoring, access and communication devices a certified security company ensures the safest possible atmosphere for medical practitioners to work and for patients to recover in a sometimes conflicting environment.

But a professional security company can also provide a framework for planning to safeguard the hospital against crises and providing strategies for risk management. Experienced security staff are competent in emergency response training and techniques, are educated to recognise suspicious activities and qualified at administering controls to deter potential threats.

National Protective Services take a firm stance in favour of a stronger presence of security measure, patrols and personnel to control and protect the safety all patients on their road to recovery, and the well being of the medical teams who provide immense care to the patrons of the hospital facility.

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