Take advantage of protective technology to safeguard your spaces. Our services can help you outsmart any security risks with our security alarm systems in Melbourne homes and businesses providing our clients with a cutting edge solution in a wide variety of locations.

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Whether you have a security system for commercial purposes or domestic needs it has to be developed to meet your particular requirements, not simply an off-the-shelf system. With numerous options available, picking the right system to meet your exact business needs can take a lot of your time.

We have a fully-trained and experienced team of personnel that has a complete know-how of designing, programming and installing a robust system to meet every client’s preferences.

NPS continually monitor security technology developments, consistently enhancing our knowledge base when it comes to the latest trends and advancements in surveillance technology, including numerous artificial and intelligent devices.

When it comes to commercial security alarms in Melbourne or other state capitals, we offer state-of-the-art monitoring through our top-tier surveillance control block. This gives you the peace of mind of a 24×7 response thanks to our team of skilled and certified operators adept at managing all your security systems from one place.

CCTV surveillance systems are also operable using your phone so you can keep an eye on your locality even when you are away. This is a very handy feature that can let you check your alarm in real time, letting you know whether it sounded for a legitimate reason or by accident. Many businesses and homeowners find this feature useful which they use to check on their commercial locations, pets, gardens, or other zones.

Smart CCTV systems are used in numerous scenarios with the intent of helping businesses deliver better services rather than only offering security as a single purpose.

For instance, locations for retail businesses can utilise CCTV systems which have the ability to monitor volumes of customer check outs and exits, notifying staff to offer alternative exit options in case of customer bottlenecks. Our specialised CCTV systems are also capable of assessing incoming foot traffic in a store and can help break it down into a valuable dataset, according to time, gender and other parameters. We have also installed security alarms in Melbourne retail outlets which can work with distinct business software programs like POS devices and those that offer access control capabilities and staff tracking.</p.

Security cameras are useful in all industries, with healthcare being one where they have particularly high value. In nursing homes and hospitals for example, the camera system can send an alert if a patient falls and remains on the floor or gets out of bed and leaves their room. This type of alert cuts down on the amount of rounds staff have to do and allows staff to intervene in a situation immediately.

These are just a few options for how intelligent camera and security systems can benefit a business or home in addition to the normal security measures.

Talk to National Protective Services about your security systems requirements in Melbourne and across Australia.

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