Hassle-free Security Cameras Installation in Melbourne

Need a solid and reliable security camera system to protect your premises? At National Protective Services, we have you covered. With decades of experience in the security business, we have become a household name for installation and maintenance of security cameras in and around Melbourne and Australia.

We provide end-to-end services for security camera systems, serving a range of different establishments. Our licensed and experienced technicians will ensure your job will be done professionally, an individual approach that always leads to excellent customer satisfaction. Please connect with us today for a custom quote.

Complete Solutions for Security Cameras in Melbourne

Security camera systems are highly capable tools for protection of people and property. Not only are they used as a deterrent to ward off burglars from a property but can also be utilised as a recovery tool. In the event of a crime, a well installed security camera system can help you fetch crucial pieces of evidence.

Whether your business is big or small, National Protective Services is here to help you get the security risk mitigation job done, professionally and fast.

As a reputed surveillance solutions provider in Melbourne, our team of security experts and consultants are trained to handle all aspects of security needs inside out. Working closely with you, we can offer a complete stack of tailored security camera services that fits your exact needs and budget. What’s more, we source our equipment from one of the top brands in surveillance security. This is to ensure you get to choose from the best security camera options for your property.

Our security camera systems service includes but is not limited to:

  • Security camera systems with remote access for smartphones, tablets, and PC’s
  • Motion security cameras
  • Video intercom systems and integration
  • ADC cameras
  • Infrared Night Vision systems
  • Independent, high-capacity NVR and DVR systems with/without remote access
  • 24×7 surveillance systems with Grade A Control Room access
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of new or existing camera systems

Complete Peace of Mind for Design and Security Cameras Installation in Melbourne

Backed by decades of trust and client satisfaction, we have helped numerous businesses such as institutions, industrial complexes, corporations and more with the design and installation of security cameras in Melbourne and other locations around Australia.

Thanks to our team of in-house experts and consultants, we are thus able to provide total reliability with our services. You can expect hassle-free and reliable security solutions with Australia’s security experts, National Protective Services.

National Protective Services has been serving Melbourne businesses for over 30 years and we pride ourselves on our innovative security solutions. Please call us at 1300 659 800 for high-quality security camera installations in Melbourne and nearby areas today.