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Security monitoring of your alarm systems is important to ensure any alarm activations or service issues are promptly and professional managed. When an alarm system has commercial alarm monitoring the instructions that the control room operator makes can be adjusted at anytime.  This is beneficial when people are on leave, operating times change or there are temporary works being performed.  This flexibility ensures that you have security monitoring that is always relevant and the security monitoring centre have the right information.

Security systems can be monitored from any location for example if you have a security alarm system in Melbourne it does not mean that it needs security monitoring in Melbourne.  Commercial security monitoring centres are built to standards and are graded against those particular standards.  The different grading’s for commercial security monitoring centres relate to things such as their structures, number of staff and equipment.

When a commercial security monitoring centre receives an alarm monitoring signal from a client all instructions are provided for the control room operator at the time.  The operator then simply follows the instructions provided for by the client.

This is why if you have alarm monitoring you need to have decided what actions you want taken for your alarm monitoring if an alarm is activated. For example your instructions might be to call your after hours contacts however, you need to have further instructions to advise the control room operator what to do if they can’t get hold of the after hours. Do you want security patrols sent to respond and if so which company do you want to get called.  All alarm monitoring decisions need to be in place for your security monitoring before an alarm is activated.

Security monitoring instructions can be different for every device you have linked to your alarm monitoring. For example for a smoke alarm certain people can be called and for a break glass alarm other contacts can be advised. The commercial security monitoring centres can take any instructions that benefit you and your business.

All of the security monitoring actions taken by the control room operator happen in an instant giving you peace of mind that your alarm system will have a professional response no matter what time of day or night it is.  This is the way security should be implemented and managed where the decisions are well thought through at the outset and any crisis is handled calmly rather than decisions being made at the time of a catastrophe.

Business owners should sleep peacefully knowing that we are there allowing them to protect their business and people.

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