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When contracting for a security guard whether it is for a security guard Melbourne, Sydney or Darwin the same considerations should occur.

    • What duties do I want my security guard to do?
    • Does my security guard need a licence?
    • What type of security guard would be the best fit for my company or the duties?
    • What hours would the security guard work?  
    • To cover the hours would I need more than 1 security guard?
    • To cover leave would I need to have other security guards trained?

There are many other considerations however, this highlights that not all security guards are the same and can do the same job.  It is best to outsource the provision of a security guard to an experienced company such as National Protective Services who are used to finding the right security guard for the job.

As every client and every situation is different is it very important to match a security guard to a job.  National Protective Services has a large workforce and can pick from the variety of staff to ensure the security guard becomes an effective member of the clients’ security team.

Our staff have been proven against different duties, clients, locations and rosters so we have the experience with them to understand their strengths and their preferences. Just as a client needs to be satisfied with the security staff we supply our staff need to be happy with the site.  If a staff member is not happy on the site their moral may be effected and they may choose the leave. This can create additional costs for the client and reduce the effectiveness of their security department due to higher turnover of security guards.

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