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Eliminate the vulnerability and risks to your property & people with NPS Security Patrols:

Establish extra layers of security and instant support with NPS Patrols, to ensure:

Security patrols can be arranged on a permanent or casual basis. Some clients prefer security patrols over the holiday season or when they know they will have peak demand.  

Our security patrols are supervised through a variety of measures to ensure the security guard patrols premises to the client specifications.  We use a cloud based tracking and reporting system which allows us to monitor live the activities of the security guards as they patrol clients sites.

The monitoring system is excellent for providing clear and timely reports for our clients and every report is fully customizable to the needs of our clients.

Some of examples of specific client reports are a security patrols Melbourne site requires both stairwells thoroughly checked for OHS reasons, our system monitors the security guard patrols as they walk up and down each stairwell so we can monitor and report on what time and how long they spent on each floor.

Another security patrols Melbourne site is a film set that stores various types of props and require regular checks of their prop storage area mainly for fire and water damage. The monitoring system our security patrols use is customized to alert the security guard patrols to remind them to conduct a patrol and what exactly they should be looking for.

All of our vehicles have GPS and other security functions to ensure are vehicles can be tracked and our staff are safe.

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You won’t have time to pause and react during emergencies. Things can go wrong in split seconds.

Have the NPS Security Patrols on standby 24/7 for any emergencies!

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Smart organisations stay ready for any security emergencies. No one can predict the undesirable, but can plan how to react in case it happens.

Get your mobile security team with NPS, to ensure your most important assets, properties and people are protected.

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