Security guards have been one of the most common and time-tested ways to prevent crime and protect any property and precious assets. Over time, many hi-tech tools such as CCTV cameras, security alarms, access control systems and the like have become commonplace across most types of commercial premises. But despite all their advanced features and benefits, these tools cannot really fill in for what real humans can do. There is nothing that can really beat the real time responsiveness, adaptability and quick thinking of having human security guards for securing what is important to you.

Businesses in Melbourne have always been vulnerable to security risks like threats to people, property and assets and other types of crimes like unauthorized crimes as well as security hazards from fires or floods. Moreover, some businesses But the fact of the matter remains that almost all types of businesses can benefit from hiring a security guard for their Melbourne work spaces. Having a team of security guards provides an additional level of security, over and above security systems. And if you are undecided about whether or not your business needs to hire security guards, read on.

How can security guards benefit your business?

Having a team of security guards can be beneficial in more ways than one.

1. Crime Prevention

The mere presence of a uniformed security guard can be a big deterrent for petty thefts and other crime. Our security guards are professionally trained to watch out for any suspicious activity, and to check for security breaches. It would also be difficult for any intruders to get past a security guard without being noticed.

2. Quick Response

In the event of an actual break-in or crime, security guards are trained to respond actively on the spot. From informing the police to tackling the intruders head-on or detaining them, you can be assured that your business has its very own defence team on the ground to take care of such emergencies should they arise.

3. Customer Service

A security guard may be the first point of contact for anybody who visits your premises, and as such, they can also provide a certain level of customer service by directing visitors to the right section or person. They could also escort your visitors to specific locations in your business, and in certain cases, could also be used to provide valet services, giving a better experience for your visitors.

4. Monitoring and surveillance

Apart from security patrols, you could also have your security guards monitor your premises – either to go through security camera footage, check baggage, restrict access, opening and closing the premises at the end of the day, turning off the lights post working hours and the like. This would free up a lot of time and effort, and save you from having to worry about this.

5. Peace of Mind

The sense of security that security guards can provide for business owners, employees and visitors is probably their most important intangible benefit. This can have an impact on employee productivity and retention, as they will feel more secured about their personal safety. This is especially important for those businesses that are classified as high-risk, or even those that are located in suburbs with a higher crime rate.

National Protective Services is a trusted security services provider, with a team of professionally trained and experienced security guards, for businesses in Melbourne, Sydney and Darwin. We have received many accolades for our commitment to client satisfaction and service, including the Australian Award for Customer Service. If you have a requirement for reliable security guards for your business, you can request a call back via our website, by clicking here.