What is Alarm Monitoring Security? (Explained)

Alarm monitoring is undoubtedly one of the best solutions to get reliable security for your business or home premises. Where unmonitored alarm offers decent and affordable security options against emergencies or break-ins, their capabilities often fall short compared to robust alarm monitoring systems.

Not only are alarm monitoring systems spontaneous to any event, they can be custom-designed as per your security needs and are monitored by professionals ensuring your premise is always protected 24/7.

Here’s what you need to know about alarm monitoring:

What exactly is an Alarm Monitoring System?

An alarm monitoring system is a series of connected security devices that communicates to and fro between your premise’s security system and your security provider’s monitoring station. The system’s control panel is automated to trigger a series of alarms and notify your security solutions provider which then send the suitable personnel for help during emergencies.

Alarm monitoring systems are designed and installed by professional security monitoring companies using highly-advanced devices and equipment. They’re also quite customisable and can be set up as per your liking in terms of scale and features.

How Does Alarm Monitoring Work?

Though each security monitoring provider might’ve different technical specifications the basics of alarm monitoring is same for any system.

In any system, the control panel of the alarm monitoring system includes a series of sensors such as motion sensors, temperature sensors, smoke detectors, door sensors, etc.  When any of these sensors paired with the control panel are activated, a signal is generated which is sent across a network line to the monitoring control station.

Typically, the immediate signal sent through the control panel alerts the alarm monitoring team stationed at the control room which, in turn, contacts you to verify the situation. In case if there is no reply from the other end, the team then contacts the respective personnel to address the emergency.

Depending on the type of system it is, built-in features can make a difference. Some that come with immediate alarms don’t have to rely on confirmation and ring as soon as an emergency is detected. Certain devices in an alarm monitoring system are programmed to do specific tasks. For instance, in case of a fire outbreak a smoke detector will notify the control station to call in fire fighters whereas during a medical emergency a medical alert device will automatically call the ambulance.

How Do Alarm Monitoring Systems Differ from Regular Alarms?

Regular or unmonitored alarm systems are ideal for everyday home or commercial security. Their alarm sound can notify you during situations and even ward off potential burglars or intruders from your premises. However, these systems are basic and vulnerable which can be turned off by disuniting the control panel, which most expert burglars are used to. Thus, they’re not a great choice if you’ve valuable items stored in your premises.

Unmonitored alarms are also locally situated meaning they’re not connected to a control station and aren’t monitored by professional security personnel 24/7. They’re also not linked to emergency services such as police, paramedic services, or fire station. This can make addressing emergencies difficult on your own, especially if you’re with a certain disability or health condition.

On the other hand, alarm monitoring systems are far more comprehensive, come with advanced features, and offer complete security through professional surveillance. Alarm monitoring also lets you keep an eye on your property remotely through your smartphone.

Picking the Best Alarm Monitoring System

Alarm monitoring systems are versatile and can be designed as per different specifications in terms of monitoring options, pricing, device capabilities and more. The best way is to get alarm monitoring systems installed by a professional alarm monitoring company like National Protective Services that can suggest you the perfect system as per your needs.

We offer robust alarm monitoring designing and installation services with round-the-clock 24/7 surveillance to provide reliable security to your property. For more information, get in touch with us.