To protect your family, your assets and valuables

“Hope for the best, prepare for the worst” is a quote that has guided many people when it comes to protection and security. The security systems of today are designed around this principle; CCTV cameras, security guards and alarms are all security systems are all different security systems with one purpose, that is to detect and protect your house or a commercial area from intruders and criminals, expectedly before anything happens.

The need to use security systems in Melbourne may not always seem like a necessity. Why? Because Melbourne has an average level of crime rate compared to most cities in Australia. Be that as it may, it does not mean that you, your house, or commercial areas do not need an additional level of security. Security systems can help protect and secure what is important to you, and also contribute towards keeping the crime rate in check.

About National Protective Services

National Protective Services is a premier security solutions provider in Australia, providing security systems like CCTV installations, alarms, security patrols and well-trained guards for residential, industrial, commercial, non-profit, and government organisations. We are a renowned agency with our head office in South Melbourne, Victoria, and provide customized security solutions to some of Australia’s biggest government and corporate bodies.

How do we protect your house and commercial areas?

Our experts start with a thorough security audit of the premises, and identify the points that would be most vulnerable to security intrusions. We then design a customized plan to secure the premises, which will not only include all the entry and exit points, but might also integrate access control for certain sections of the property.

Apart from personalised security systems like the one described above, we also provide mobile protection and transfer of valuable assets from one point to another. This can come in especially helpful for businesses that need to move high value goods between multiple locations.

No matter what your security requirement, we are confident of being able to meet your requirement.

How else can you benefit by hiring us?

The knowledge of being secure and protected can have a ripple effect on many other aspects.

In the case of residential premises, the home owners can be at peace knowing that their loved ones and valuable assets are going to be safe from external security threats while they are at home. For commercial premises, employees and visitors can focus on the work at hand and be more productive, which is an indirect benefit of having a reputable security provider on board.

In both cases, in the event of a breach, you could rest assured that it will be difficult for the intruders to get off easy.

If you are looking for reliable security systems in Melbourne with great customer service, request a call back here or visit us at our head office in South Melbourne, Victoria.