Your security toolbox should ideally include a cleverly identified mix of both physical and electronic safeguards.

The environment around you can play to your safety advantage. Items such as sturdy fences, fixed barricades, reliable locks and bright lighting offer good physical protection against external and unwanted threats. These ‘barriers to entry’ can restrict access and serve as your first line of defence.

If intruders enter a property, the second line of protection can be provided through electronic systems, such as alarm and monitoring systems and CCTV. You may determine that you require a patrol response in the event that your alarm is activated. In the case of larger businesses, security guards may also be used to safeguard your premises.

From these simple examples it is easy to recognise that elements of both physical and electronic protection methods provide an optimal security solution. National Protective Services offer a complete package solution, and can tailor to your specific business needs.

Be sure to contact us if you have any queries about the adequacy of your existing security set up.

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