Industrial action Case Study

One of the services that National Protective Services provides is guards and we provide these for regular clients and for varied ad hoc events.  A recent example of ad hoc guards was for the provision of guards for a client with industrial action.  The company had various sites under different banners around Australia and were about to experience a lock out of their staff at one of their entities.

The HR manager was very experienced and knew to involve security as a partner in the process rather than just requesting guards.  We attended all meetings with the company in relation to the industrial action and were able to remain current with the situation.  By participating in the process we understood the culture of the company, the outcomes the company was hoping for and the concerns of all parties.  Our advice hinged on their objectives out of the industrial action.  The company wanted a peaceful outcome and they wanted all the parties to rejoin after the industrial action and work as a team.  They saw the industrial action as part of the environment and were not taking it personally.  Often industrial action can leave years of bitterness damaging a company’s ability to have a united workforce.

We ran a security operation that was open, friendly and discreet.  Sites where there was a lock out of staff instead of having large barricades with huge aggressive looking guards we toned it down.  We had a friendlier type of guard no barricades and ensured the guards were informal with the staff.  This scenario would not have been successful if the staff that were being locked out were aggressive themselves.  In cases where the staff may have been aggressive a harder stance may have been more appropriate.  We certainly had other security staff and measures available had the situation escalated.

The dispute did resolve itself after about a week as everyone hoped and staff returned to work as normal.  As there wasn’t any animosity towards management over the dispute and the treatment of staff during the dispute the company was able to unite and get back on with business.

This was a great example of security being part of the solution and working in with the needs of the client.  Too often security companies don’t take the time to understand the culture of the client, they simply approach clients with a one size fits all approach.

We left the client with a happy workforce (with a pay increase) and a group of people that will hopefully never even remember the name National Protective Services.

City of Port Philip

National Protective Services has provided a range of services to the City of Port Phillip since 1992. These services have been on a contractual basis over multiple sites, delivering over 12,000 contact hours per year, by a team of 15 staff.

In accordance with the ever changing and culturally diverse environment, the City of Port Phillip’s community charter commits to the provision of a local environment that nurtures integration and expresses individualism through the encouragement of community life. It has been realised with the assistance of our discreet security services. The role of National Protective Services is continuously evolving in this contract, to ensure Council objectives are met through the provision of proactive, community focused service delivery mechanisms.

Within the City of Port Phillip there are many council owned facilities and buildings. These include but are not limited to:

  • Town Halls
  • Child Care Centres
  • Maternal Health Centres
  • Community Centres
  • Foreshore
  • Adventure Playgrounds
  • Gardens
  • Toilet Blocks
  • Gates leading to council owned properties and parklands

Every Council owned or operated structure, building or area in the City of Port Phillip is secured by National Protective Services.  Unlike traditional security measures, our approach has been one of careful integration and outstanding service delivery through a community focused, intelligent and vigilant approach. Our Patrol Officers lock, check, secure and patrol every building, parkland, and toilet block in the municipality. Additionally, we are responsible for all after hours emergencies and all alarm responses.

National Protective Services are able to provide quick and accurate responses and leave fully detailed reports on any action taken; we fax, e-mail and deliver our reports (within the agreed time frames), to the relevant City of Port Phillip manager. Our management have been trained in the Council’s Corporate Plan, and we have tailored our services to specifically suit the City of Port Phillip. Our relationship with Council clearly reflects our ability to integrate with a client and deliver a community focused service that meets the client’s operational objectives.

Shopping Precinct CCTV

Our client is a busy shopping precinct with carparks, shops, café, offices and nightlife.  They needed to provide a higher level of security within their area and have recorded footage of events in case further action is required.

The client did not want the security to feel intrusive yet they did want their patrons and stakeholders to feel protected and to have a greater sense of security.

We scoped a full CCTV, access control and alarm system that is able to provide a higher level of security that does not impede the flow of patrons throughout the area.  The cameras are designed to cover wide views down to identification of individuals in certain areas.  It was important to the client that while the system needed to be comprehensive it could not be difficult to retrieve footage or manage as their building managers were not security trained and had a range of other services to manage.

The installation was performed in stages while the site was under construction, the pre wiring occurring at the same time as other trades and the fit off in the final 10% of the build.  The testing and adjusting phase of all of the security devices including CCTV, alarms and access control was able to be completed while the final trades were on site finishing.

The full security system was commissioned and went live at the opening of the area.  The benefit of the system was tested early on with some vandalism occurring in a level of the carpark.  The CCTV footage was able to provide identification shots of the individuals leaving one of the lifts and the information given to the Police.  Since that time there have been numerous instances where the cameras have provided footage that has assisted the site and individual stakeholders.  The unknown measure is how many instances have been prevented through the system being in existence.

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