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Your commercial security system needs to be designed with your requirement as the brief not simply an off the shelf system.  With so many electronic security systems on the market the right alarm or CCTV system for your business can take time to assess. Our staff are fully trained, licensed and experienced in system design, installation and programming to meet varied needs of our clients. Further we continually update our knowledge to ensure we have a full operational understanding for the latest technology including intelligent systems and artificial intelligence.

Our commercial security systems can be monitored by a Grade A control room providing 24 X 7 response with highly trained, licensed and experienced operators who can manage your alarm system or CCTV cameras.

Most CCTV systems can now also be viewed on your phone so you can check on your premises even while overseas.  This is of benefit if your alarm activates so you can view live whether it is a genuine alarm or not.  Many of our clients also login to check their gardens, pools and pets while away from home.

Intelligent CCTV systems can now be used in many scenarios to help a business perform better and not just to provide security.

For example retail premises can have CCTV systems that monitor checkouts and alert staff to open a new checkout if there are too many customers waiting.  Or CCTV systems can be used to assess foot traffic into a store and break it down by time of the day, gender and time at certain displays. These systems can be integrated into other business software such as POS devices, staff tracking and access control systems.

Cameras can help in many industries and one where it has many uses is in nursing homes and hospitals.  The system can send an alert is a patient falls and remains on the floor or gets out of bed and leaves their room. This cuts down on the amount of rounds staff have to do and allows staff to intervene in a situation immediately.

These are just a few options for how intelligent systems can benefit a business in addition to the normal security measures.

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